polarized vs ordinary sunlenses

We've all had the experience of being completely blinded by reflections from the sun while enjoying a beautiful day outside. The conventional tinted lenses that you find in most frames protect us from the sun's brightness, but give little comfort in terms of vision - they do not offer any protection against light reflected from different surfaces, such as water, sand, snow, tarmac or a car's windscreen. It is this reflected, or ‘polarized’, light that dazzles us.

Xperio® polarized sun lenses have been specially designed to cut out this glare. A polarizing film inserted inside the lens which functions a little like a Venetian blind means that Xperio® lenses eliminate glare, providing wearers with dramatically improved visual comfort.

How does Xperio® compare?

Better protection and comfort with Xperio® polarized sun lenses

Ordinary tints can reduce brightness and provide 100% UV protection (if they are properly coated), or depending on the lens material), but only Xperio® polarized lenses eliminate bothersome glare and can offer a superior visual comfort. Clear lenses are definitely not efficient for outside activities.

Clear lenses Standard sunlenses Xperio polarized lenses
100% UV protection * *
Brightness reduction
Glare elinimation
Eye comfort
Clarity of vision
True color perception
*Depends on lens material