Perfect Pair

Reward your eyes

As the world's leading provider of eyeglass lenses, our number one priority at Essilor has always been you, the customer.
At Essilor, whatever your age and your visual requirements, we have the right lens solution for you.

What is the perfect pair

One pair of glasses is not enough to help you see all of life's moments perfectly.
This is why we created perfect pair.

The Perfect Pair is the right combination of Essilor® lenses that meet your needs.

From working, driving and reading to sports activities or just walking on a sunny day, let your eyecare professional help you reward yourself with the best quality vision... so you can enjoy every moment life has to offer.

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By consulting your eye care professional regularly, you ensure your good vision and good visual health.

Take care of your eyes – don't wait until your vision is blurry or until you are feeling other symptoms of bad eyesight.

Health and wellness are the keys to a happy life. Reward your eyes with the perfect pair of lenses and enjoy a better vision for every day and every occasion.

How do you know if perfect pair is
perfect for you?

  • Do you find yourself squinting when you are trying to read the paper, or not wanting to read at all because your eyes feel strained?
  • Is reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant becoming more challenging?
  • Is staring at a computer screen or playing a video game increasingly tiring for your eyes?
  • Are your eyes becoming more sensitive in the sun, or is glare making driving on a bright sunny day more difficult?
  • Is driving at night starting to weigh heavily on your confidence to hit the road when it's dark?
  • Do you have prescription glasses, but wear off-the-shelf sunglasses to drive?
  • Do you feel you need to wear glasses on top on your glasses?

If your answer was 'YES' to any of the questions above, then having the right pair of lenses is vital to seeing all of life's moments, perfectly.

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Our customer testimonials

Emma Jeppesen
Emma Jeppesen

" I love fashion, so I have many pairs of frames to match my outfit of the day, which I buy from all over the place. When I went to my eye doctor to get my prescription we were chatting about my frame obsession and she told me about Perfect Pair. She said she had a program where I could get a second pair of lenses at a reduced price so that all my glasses were fabulous and functional. So in the end, I got a pair of glasses that help protect against new LED lighting and a fabulous pair of mirrored anti-glare sunglasses. "

Lawrence Bell
Lawrence Bell

" Since I started a new job in customer service, I have been spending a lot more hours in front of a computer and for some reason and for some reason my eyes feel heavier and more strained at the end of the day than usual. I also found that I was getting headaches more. When I went to see my doctor he told me I was fine however, he suggested I go see my eye doctor. When I went to go see her, she told me about things like digital eyestrain and the harmful effects of UV light, which is why I was having symptoms. She also mentioned that she had a program that would allow me to get 2 pairs of lenses to help reduce all the symptoms I am experiencing. I bought a pair of Transitions lenses that protect me against the sun and outdoor elements and thanks to the Perfect Pair program I also received a pair of glasses for the computer at an interesting discount. "

Megan Rowe
Megan Rowe

" My kid has had eye problems and been wearing glasses since he was 3, and he is now 20 and off to university. With all the expenses to get ready for school, I was so happy when our eye doctor told us about Perfect Pair. The doctor explained that if I bought him EyeZen Crizal single-vision lenses with a protective UV and blue-light coating this would help improve his focus when studying, and I would be able to get a second pair of lenses for him at a reduced price. So we went with a second pair of polarized Xperio sunglasses that would help his performance when doing outdoor sports. "

Eric Solvek
Eric Solvek

" I was very satisfied with the quality of service I received at our new eyecare location. I had been browsing online for new glasses but the prices and service in store were so good that I bought them without hesitation. And I got a second pair of lenses at a reduced price! "

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